Downtown Fullerton - Fox Theater

Fox Theater

Old Hollywood still has a presence in DowntownFullerton – the Fox Theater. A center point for over 75 years, this theater represented everything that was fabulous about the developing entertainment industry. Glamorously designed just as many of the other great movie houses of the time, like the Egyptian Theater and the Chinese Theater, the Fox Theater is an icon of the cultural longevity DowntownFullerton is. The theater originally featured theatrical productions as well as movies. Guests entered through the Alician Court, which featured flowers, wrought iron work, fountains, terra cotta urns and vases, and a palm tree. Three murals on each side of the theater interior depicted the Spanish discovery and exploration period.

Thanks to the Fullerton Historic Theater Foundation, the Fox Theater will thrive once again. They have successful raised enough money to renovate the building and the theater will soon reopen as a center for independent and art film, concerts, and live stage performances.